• Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Vision

    To be a preferred manufacturer and marketer of chemical products and build effective strategic alliances
  • Sahara Mission

    To manufacture and market quality chemical products that are in compliance with applicable local and international regulations.
    To achieve sustainability that meets customers and shareholders expectations through an efficient, motivated and productive organization.

Our History And Identity

Our name "Sahara Petrochemicals" comes from the local environment and culture of KSA, where the Desert (SAHARA) represents the overwhelming environment of daily local life.
Man finds in the desert the transparency that touches his heart.  For although the way of living is simple, clearness is the essence of everything. Credibility becomes the title of Man and thus he acquires the manners of generosity, truthfulness in his meetings, honesty in his dealings and commitment with principles.  All these represent for this Man a covenant of honor for which he lives and for which he dies.

Our Arabian desert, with its golden sands and wonderful contours, is the cradle of the last heavenly message brought by the honorable Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (PBUH) who came to complete honorable manners and urges us to seek knowledge and legislate justice and values bringing about the breaking of a new dawn over the Arab peninsula and carrying the nobility of forgiveness, pioneering the revival of mankind through the largest project developments ever known in history.
The desert was not confined with its great lessons but it was a theater for one of the most effective events in changing history trend; on an original Arabic horse, and by the Arab chivalry.  The founding King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud, God's mercy be upon him, sought to unify its divided tribes in a coherent and great entity to create The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a symbol of honor and chivalry and home to honesty and humanity.
The moment of decision was when God granted Man, the discovery of oil in huge quantities under the Arabic sands; where the time for a great economic bounty and a sustained development to the Man of this land was announced to all people. Thus oil possesses the major role in developing the way of living not only in the Arab peninsula but also in the whole world.  The kingdom became within a short period, the largest oil producing country in the world.
The story is not finished yet. The leaders of this country decided to continue the development in all spheres. The most daring steps were the exploitation of natural gas- a wealth that accompanies oil- in producing many products that are of special and public benefits. The results of this policy became the foundation of the largest petrochemical complex known in the world today; Jubail Industrial City on the Arab Gulf coast.
The government of Saudi Arabia developed the plans and high quality infrastructure as preparation for the construction of the largest projects and facilities for chemical and petrochemical production.  It paved the way for the private sector to invest in the second important segment of national production after oil - the petrochemicals.  We preferred to join this trend and decided to play a role for the progress of this generous country.

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