• Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Vision

    To be a preferred manufacturer and marketer of chemical products and build effective strategic alliances
  • Sahara Mission

    To manufacture and market quality chemical products that are in compliance with applicable local and international regulations.
    To achieve sustainability that meets customers and shareholders expectations through an efficient, motivated and productive organization.

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1- What is the official and commercial name of the company?

The official name of the company is "Sahara Petrochemicals Company". The commercial name of the company is "Sahara Petrochemicals" .
2- What is the activity of "Sahara Petrochemicals" ?
It is represented in owning, development, building and operating petrochemical factories through companies specialized in producing petrochemicals and chemicals, especially Propylene and PolyPropylene, Ethylene & Polyethylene and their derivatives.
3- When was "Sahara Petrochemicals" established?
"Sahara Petrochemicals" is established according to the decision of the Minister of Commerce & Industry in 7 April 2004 and the term of the company is 99 years.
4- Who preside "Sahara Petrochemicals" board and who preside the executive management?
The board of "Sahara Petrochemicals" is presided by H.E. Eng. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Zamil , while the Executive President is H.E. Saleh Bahamdan.
5- Who are the members of the board of "Sahara Petrochemicals" ?
The board of "Sahara Petrochemicals" includes a number of members representing the public & private sector including the chairman & the executive president, as follows:

H.E. Eng. Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Zamil
Board Chairman

Mr. Jabr M Al-Jabr
Board Member

Mr. Usamah A Al-Zamil
Board Member

Mr. Said O. Al-Esayi
Board Member

Eng. Saleh Bahmdan
Board Member

Mr. Rashid S. Al-Ghurair
Board Member

Mr. Khalid Saleh Al-Furaih
Board Member

Eng. Ahmed F. Al- Duwayan
Board Member

Mr. Fahad H . Al-Mohsen
Board Member

Dr. Abdullah M. Mahfodh
Board Member

Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Musalim
Board Member

6- Where are the Headquarters and production facilities of "Sahara Petrochemicals" located?
"Sahara Petrochemicals" headquarters are located in Riyadh city, while the production facilities are located in Al jubail Industrial City on the Arab Gulf coast in Saudi Arabia. For more information about "Sahara Petrochemicals" please visit the company profile. For more information about the subsidiary companies to "Sahara Petrochemicals" please visit the link of subsidiary companies.
7- How much is "Sahara Petrochemicals" capital? And how much are the company shares?
The approved company capital is SR 4,387,950,000 paid fully, and the number of issued shares is 438,795,000 shares, and the nominal value per share is SR 10.
8- What is the symbol "Sahara Petrochemicals" in the money capital? And how purchase & sale of shares are made?
"Sahara Petrochemicals" symbol is: 2260, and company shares can be bought and purchased through local banks or the brokers who are approved to work in Saudi Arabia.
9- Who have the right to own "Sahara Petrochemicals" share?
All the citizens of Saudi Arabia and of the citizens of the GCC countries have the right to won; also the residents in the KSA have the right to trade in the company share according to the conditions and laws stipulated by the Capital Market Authority.
10- Can "Sahara Petrochemicals" shares be assigned from one person to another?
Yes that can be done but according to the laws & controls stipulated by the Capital Market Authority.
11- Who is the independent accounts auditor?
The accounting auditor is:
12- How many are "Sahara Petrochemicals" employees?
Up to now the employees' number is 500 employees.
13- How can I contact "Sahara Petrochemicals"?
We always welcome your enquiries through these channels:
Tel.: +966 (13) 356 7000
Fax: +966 (13) 358 9900
Shareholders Relations
Tel.: +966 (13) 356 7788
Fax: +966 (13) 358 9911
Email: shareholders@saharapcc.com
6894 - Industrial City Unit 1 Jubail 35725 - 4801
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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