• Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Vision

    To be a preferred manufacturer and marketer of chemical products and build effective strategic alliances
  • Sahara Mission

    To manufacture and market quality chemical products that are in compliance with applicable local and international regulations.
    To achieve sustainability that meets customers and shareholders expectations through an efficient, motivated and productive organization.

CEO Statement


Since the foundation of "Sahara Petrochemicals" we were and still seeking to make this company distinguished in everything starting from its projects and subsidiary companies, distinguished manufacturing techniques of internationally known quality, its dynamic organizational structure that cope with to its  quick changing business size, its long term strategic plans of quick and effective viability. All this has made in its total "Sahara Petrochemicals" as a beacon in petrochemical production sector.
The company is still achieving success after success a thing that is considered a cause of pride to this blessed country and its citizens.
The company had an effective presence in supporting the society's programs this year where it was present in many cultural and social activities leaving a good effect in building a good reputation of the company which is a responsibility and a commitment that pleases us towards our society.
I would like to express my gratitude to H.E. Eng. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Zamil – Chairman of "Sahara Petrochemicals" board who contributed to lay down the enlightened vision for the company; also I would like to thank the members of the board and the honorable shareholders who have great effect in supporting and building these distinguished edifices.
Also I would like to thank my colleagues the company employees for the high quality production they provide, and their continuous endeavor to provide the best a thing that makes them partners and makers of the success that the company enjoys today.

Lastly, these existing edifices would not exist without the guidance of God, be He exalted, in the first place and the support of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques for all that leads to the development of this country.


Saleh M. Bahamdan

Chief Executive Officer

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