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Sahara silver Sponsor for Iftaar Ceremony at Da’wah & Guidance Center

May 31 2018


As part of Sahara's charity and social responsibility programs during the month of Ramadan, Public Relations Department, in cooperation with Jubail Da’wah & Guidance Center, sponsored " Ramadan Iftaar Ceremony and the inauguration of  Umrah buses ". The event was organized with the intention that blessings go to the souls of the military martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend our precious kingdom. 

The ceremony was held under the patronage of His Excellency Jubail Governor; Mr. Abdullah Al-Askar who inaugurated the event with a speech where he emphasized on the need of collaborative efforts to serve all categories of our society. On this occasion, Eng. Saleh M. Bahamdan; Sahara CEO, delivered a speech to the press where he valued the efforts of the governorate and its residents for their excellent arrangement to carry out this task. He also stressed the importance of integrating all efforts to serve our beloved homeland. The ceremony was concluded by honoring Sahara as a silver sponsor for the event.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony provided  Iftar meals for nearly 3000 people from different nationalities besides executing several religious programs to raise awareness of Islam like reading,  correcting and recitation of the Holy Quran in addition to launching 3 bus trips to perform Umrah with the intention that blessings go to our military martyrs souls.

We ask Allah Almighty to perpetuate the prosperity of this country and to accept our martyrs and dwell them in the highest paradise.

With Regard 


Public Relations 
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