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  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
  • Sahara Petrochemicals Company
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    To be a preferred manufacturer and marketer of chemical products and build effective strategic alliances
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    To manufacture and market quality chemical products that are in compliance with applicable local and international regulations.
    To achieve sustainability that meets customers and shareholders expectations through an efficient, motivated and productive organization.

Vision 2021 management review

June 06 2018


On May 23rd 2018, MINHAJ Steering Committee held its first quarter management review meeting to review Minhaj Vision 2021 in addition to 02nd quarter forecast in the presence of senior management ,Division managers , Section heads.  Engr. Saleh M. Bahamdan, Sahara CEO, delivered an opening remarks where he thanked all departments and individuals  at all levels for being aligned with  the approved plan to achieve objective and initiatives adopted in light of Sahara’s Vision 2021.
Engineers were invited to attend this meeting as a first step among similar steps that will follow Insha’Allah, to invite other groups of Sahara Organization in order to enhance the communication between them and the Management and to increase awareness across the organization about Sahara Vision 2021, its related objectives and initiatives in addition to their progress and developments during plan  implementation .
A presentation of strategic objectives and initiatives was made in light of Sahara’s Vision2021 including details and charts of each objective and initiative in addition to a discussion of implementation mechanisms and status updates.
At the end of meeting agenda, a recommendation has been agreed to enhance intensified efforts towards achieving the vision in order to reach  Sahara highest productivity and aspirations.
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